A Short History Of Cordless Tools

You will be surprised when you purchase your first cordless power tool. You will discover that the cordless tools of today are just as powerful as their plugged in counterparts with the cord that is always in the way. The new cordless tool has as much power or more because of the advances in battery technology. The early cordless batteries were weak and you had to recharge them quite frequently. With the new battery technology the batteries deliver maximum power and they last for a long time. The higher volt cordless tools can deliver power that is equal to a tool of the same type that is corded. For example a cordless drill has the same power as a corded drill. If you have ever used a cordless tool there is no denying the convenience of using them. For one thing like I already mentioned above you don’t need to search for a plug in, and you also don’t need to carry a bulky extension cord. It is actually really nice to go to the job site and start working on your project right away.

You can work on a new construction site or perhaps you are building yourself a cabin in a remote area of the backwoods. They are powered by modular battery packs and with the weight of the battery the tool is not much heavier than the corded tool. There is also a belt clip for the drills to make it convenient to use. Some of your other tools you can put in a tool bag that goes around waist. You will be working a lot safer with these tools because you don’t have that long power cord to trip over. You won’t be accidentally cutting through your own cord or that of your fellow workers. When you use your tool there is a greatly reduced chance that you will be shocked because of the enclosed case of the tool battery. When using cordless power tools, the chance for any electrical accident is greatly reduced. You will find that tools have special needs also. There is no way around it, the cordless batteries are going to have to be recharged periodically. The harder and longer a cordless tool is used, the more frequently the battery must be recharged.

For larger projects keep several charged batteries on hand for each cordless tool. It is much more cost effective for you or your helper to change out a charged battery for a dead one than it is to wait while one charges. It will normally take several hours or maybe even over night to recharge the batteries to full charge. If you own a lot of cordless tools you need to make sure that all of your batteries are always charged. For the cordless tools that you own you need to observe the instructions on the battery for taking care of them. Most of your batteries will lose power over time when they are not in the tool. This is normal. Some of the batteries are best if you store them in the charger while others don’t recommend it. Your cordless tools will last longer if you take proper care of the batteries.