All About Renault – One of the Most Successful French Automobile Manufacturing Company

Renault is a French automobile manufacturing company, which was founded on February 25, 1899. The headquarters of this automobile company are situated at Boulogne-Billancourt in France. Presently Carlos Ghosn is the CEO of Renault whereas the founders were Louis Renault along with his brothers Marcel and Fernand. The design and production part of the company was managed by Louis Renault whereas his brothers used to handle company management.

The company offers cars, buses, tractors, vans as well as trucks throughout the world. In 2008, Renault has about 129,070 employees. Moreover, Renault is considered as the 4th largest automobile manufacturing company in the world.

The company has alliance with Nissan Motors and famous for offering security technologies, revolutionary design as well as motor racing car models. The very first car from Renault Company was Renault Voiturette. For more publicity of this car, Renault has introduced its car model to motor racing. The company won its first success in city to city races in Switzerland. The company had gradually launched buses, taxis and other commercial cargo vehicles before First World War.

During world war, Renault designed and manufactured military airplanes as well as vehicles. Renault FT-17 tank was also launched by the company. At the end of the war, Renault was considered as the number one private manufacturing company and it was also honored by the Allies for its great military designs during World War. The company gradually started to export their engines to American auto manufacturers as well as other overseas automakers. Renault used to offer either 26 hp or 40 hp four cylinder engines in that period.