Career Case Study – Starting a Car Wash Business in Richmond, Virginia

Working in Corporate America is a good way to make a living and get a paycheck and yet perhaps you have been considering starting a company of your own? Have you been considering starting a business of your own and you just hate waiting in line at the car wash? Do you think you could do better? Perhaps you could and maybe there is some additional opportunity in the market where you live to start a car wash?

Lets look at a case study; Starting a Car Wash Business in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond, VA is a decent car wash market, although some areas of the city are over saturated with other car washes already in place. First you will need to determine a location if you are thinking of starting a car wash business; Have you picked out a location or side of town you are thinking of there?

Perhaps you will need some assistance getting started and maybe a find a car-washing consultant. What questions might you have? Regarding your project there? What type of car wash are you now considering? Coin Op, Flex Serve, Full Serve or Combo of one of those? Perhaps an All hand wash?

There is sufficient labor supply in some areas of the city. Good growth and higher end in others. I found some of the car washes under whelming in over all services, quality control, labor quality of person and too long of lines on weekends.

When considering starting a business of any type; I am sure you have lots of thoughts. Competition can be dealt with and word of mouth and some strategic marketing could solve those issues, along with superior service and keeping lines shorter and faster moving at peak periods. These are some of the things you must address if you are considering a career as a car wash owner.