ECU Remapping For Optimal Performance

ECU Remapping For Optimal Performance

Vehicles these days are designed with small computers installed in their engines to help them run more efficiently and economically. The Engine Control Unit is the control centre and in command of the electronic components of the engine, including the amount of air and fuel used, heat sensors, the levelling system, and lots of other functions that facilitate a vehicle to perform well.

The ECU is fitted during the manufacture of the car and tuned in to accommodate an average car engine and average climate conditions. However average isn’t always good enough and every engine has different conditions to deal with, which results in some cars not running as efficiently as they could for the simple reason that they aren’t tuned in correctly.

Vehicle manufacturers limit the performance of vehicles in order to take certain variables into account, such as sub-standard fuels, the prospect that vehicles may not be serviced as regularly as they should be, and also in accordance with the manufacturers recommended guidelines.

Remapping is an engine tuning service which enables some of the restrictions put on a vehicle by the manufacturer to be lifted so it will perform as originally designed. Improvements to a vehicle after it has been remapped can result in an increase in torque and power right through the rev range which translates to quicker acceleration for safer overtaking, and improved low down torque leading to fewer gear changes and thus savings in fuel costs.

Although in some cases the improvements may only seem minor, the difference it can make to the overall performance of the vehicle and the quality of the driving experience can be quite significant. The first thing you’ll notice is that the drive is much smoother and less bumpy, also that the car accelerates much faster, and that fuel usage is more economical due to the fact that you don’t need to change gear, brake or accelerate as much.

Leading providers of advanced systems in the UK offer a high quality remapping service available for all kinds of motor vehicles, whether for domestic use or business related. Trained professionals either come to your home or some other place suited to you to retune the engine, or will pick the car up and return it once the task is completed.

Engine remapping only takes a few hours and simply involves a professional mechanic assessing the various parts of the engine and identifying the improvements that need to be made. The mechanic tunes up the motor’s engine as necessary and then uploads it back into the vehicles ECU. There is no negative effect on exhaust emissions or the life of an engine and as the control unit is altered remotely via the on-board diagnostics port it guarantees no hardware or engine components are changed by mistake.

Every car is unique which is why remapping technology can make such an impact on your fuel costs and how your car runs, ask for a tailored tune-up specifically for your vehicle, straight away you’ll notice it has a sharper acceleration and response, reduced flat spots, and an overall smoother distribution of power. The superb performance and improved fuel efficiency will be definite improvements on the vehicle’s overall performance.

There are some companies that offer a generic tune-up that are not tailor-made to your car’s engine, however ECU remapping should always be customised just for your car and carried out by a professional. Contact a leading provider today and discuss the advantages. Produced within the safety tolerance zones of your vehicle it should come with a money back guarantee if not satisfied, although once you get back in the driving seat after a retune we’re sure you’ll be more than happy with the improved, and more exciting drive experienced.