Hand Held Diesel Programmers

There are many types of hand held diesel programmers out there, the ones we are going to talk about today are the Diablosport predator tuner, the Hypertech power programmer, and the Bullydog Triple Dog. These all have similar functions and power increases and a few unique features to each.

The first one that we are going to talk about today is the BullyDog Triple Dog. One of the unique features of the Triple Dog is that it will work on any of the newer Ford, Dodge or Chevy diesel trucks. So it can be pulled off of a Ford Powerstroke and put directly onto a Chevy Duramax or Dodge Cummins. That is a very nice feature, because you can sell your truck and buy a new one even from a different company and not have to purchase another performance programmer. Also there is a free extreme program available to Triple Dog owners from Bullydog’s website. On some trucks the extreme program adds up to 230 extra horse power.

The second one we will talk about is the Diablosport Predator. This hand held programmer comes with three built in tunes for economy, economy while towing, and all out performance. This unit loads its program into the truck via the trucks diagnostic port. The Diablosport Predator also offers the ability to check and clear trouble codes as well as calibrate the speedometer for larger tires. Diablosport has a predator tuner for most new vehicles both diesel and gas. The Diablosport Predator also comes with a screen about three times larger than the competitions.

The Hypertech power programmer also comes with three programs built in and a programmer for the diesel trucks and most gas vehicles. It also has the ability to adjust the speedometer for larger tires and can check and clear trouble codes, which can save a trip to the mechanics which is worth its weight in gold at times.