Hot Jobs – How Not to Land a Hot Job

Hot Jobs – How Not to Land a Hot Job

Searching for a job can itself be a very tough job. Sometimes the entire process becomes way harder if you say the wrong thing or even do the wrong thing. Also a lot of people get scared and then mess up if they really want to land a hot job. So the best way of getting a job is to use reverse psychology and to try not to land the hot jobs. This way you won’t be nervous and you also don’t have the pressure of doing so. But if you really want to know about how to not get a job then you can go through this article as well.

• If not getting the job is your objective then the first thing you can do is make a mistake in your resume. The companies get thousands and thousands of applications and the best way to put yourself out of the race is to make a mistake when you type up your CV

• Limit the area of your job search. By limiting your search you will find that you don’t have a big list for the jobs which you apply to. You can simply apply to those positions which meet the criteria which you are interested in. look at the timings of the job, the salary, what you are required to do and what requirements are required.

• Expand on your job search. Now you’re confused aren’t you?? Yes this statement might be but it works. If you really don’t want to land a hot job then you should go ahead and try out for a completely different field. After all a person with a degree in history won’t get called for a job which needs only engineers will he?

• When you are called for the interview make sure that you manage to contradict your own self. A lot of people keep telling a tale which is very straight forward. You can tell your interviewer one thing and then you can come up with something else.

• Another good way of getting rid of hot jobs is to insult your previous job when you go for the interview. Talk about how stupid your previous boss was and how you didn’t like him. If the current employer hears about this he won’t really want a complaining employee working under him will he?

• Be a slob. A lot of people dress up sharply and spend a lot of time dressing for their interview but you on the other hand should simply be a slob…

• Show off any tattoos you have. If you are applying for any sort of position in the corporate world then showing off your tattoos will goatee that you don’t get any hot jobs. A lot of people want you to remove your ear ring and hide any sort of piercing or tattoos so if you simply don’t want a job then show off your stuff.