Husky Tools – World-Class Provider of High Quality Tools and Equipment

Throughout the years, Husky Tools has remained one of the solid distributors of high quality tools in the U.S. With more than 50 years of service, this company continues to supply people with reliable and heavy-duty tools for their different kinds of needs. For years, it continues to build on its outstanding reputation in the field of automotives, thanks mainly to its extensive product lines made up of highly durable tool chests and mechanic tools. Furthermore, it also distributes other important lines of tools including pressure washers, air compressors, and ladders.

Additionally, Husky Tools is also a solid producer of durable hand tools, great for professional handymen as well as do-it-yourself repair people. To ensure the quality and durability of its products, the company offers excellent warranties that are definitely very hard to resist. Once purchased, these tools come with lifetime warranties to guarantee the satisfaction of all its customers. Husky Tools is very much willing to replace any of its defective products with entirely new ones.

With durability as one of its major underlying principles when designing high quality tools, the products of Husky Tools are guaranteed to last a lifetime, even surpassing the demands of rugged and strenuous jobs. Throughout the years of quality service, the company ensures the strength, durability, as well as safety of all its various products. Most of its tools are designed to last longer and perform much better than all the regular tools out there. At the same time, majority of its product lines have black nickel-plating that fights against rust and protects against wear and tear. For better and easy handling, its products also feature soft double-dipped handles.

Right now, Husky Tools owns an extensive product line of impressive durable air compressors, some of which are the Model CFNBNS, Model 41214, and Model VT6315. Available at an average price of $299, the Model CFNBNS is called the Porter-Cable Three-Nailer/Compressor Combo Kit, which comes with a 6-gallon tank capacity, tank pressure gauge, and a maximum pressure of 150psi. Meanwhile, Model 41214 is the Husky Air Scout, which people can use to fasten, clean, and inflate different kinds of objects. In addition, it also has a portable lightweight design, with a maximum pressure of 135 psi and 1.5-gallon tank capacity. On the other hand, Model VT6315 is the Husky 2.0 Running HP 30 Gallon Vertical Compressor, which costs around $399. Generally, this particular Husky took comes with a 26-gallon tank capacity, an American-made cast iron pump, and a protective belt guard.

Husky Tools are widely available online, including the Husky ½-inch Drive Ratchet with quick release, the Husky Tool Set with level tape measure, and the Husky Multifunction Tool Set. Another notable tool available online is the Husky Hand Tools Set, which comes with a lifetime warranty for the price of $4.25. Meanwhile, the Husky Tool Lot, Sockets, and Combination Wrenches Set only cost $8.49. Finally, people can also find other interesting tools online like the Husky Carpenters Tool Belt, the Husky 3-Piece Professional Tool Set, and the Husky 36-Piece Hobby Tool Set.

So, as you can see there is a tool for everyone for every need.