Raytek MT6 Mini Temp Infrared Thermometer: Your Car’s Companion

The Raytek MT6 mini temp infrared thermometer has become a popular tool for automotive diagnosis and troubleshooting, since it can diagnose engine related problems more easily and faster. It is said to be the perfect introduction in automotive diagnostics for measuring infrared temperature. And this tool also boasts accuracy and quality.

Raytek infrared thermometers are ideal for technicians that are new in dealing with infrared because of its handheld non-contact features. The Raytek MT6 mini temp infrared thermometer has the following features that made it popular in the market: a) a single dot laser sighting system, b) large temperature display, and c) a protective boot for durability. The large temperature display provides maximum and current readings while scanning, and the size of this thermometer is also made convenient since it is designed to be a handheld tool and is made small enough to fit in pockets. The Raytek mini temp thermometer (MT6 model) boasts the ff specifications: a) temperature range (-30 to 500˚C or -20˚ to 392 ˚F); b) distance to spot size (D:S) (10:1); c) response time (500 mSec); d) emissivity (preset at 0.95); d) accuracy (±1.5{5bcf94f82cf8a36c68cc47ffe9901d68a1fd5f59c7fabc3b2930ea6a270efa8e}, or ±1.5˚C/±3˚F, whichever is greater); e) typical distance to target spot (up to 2m or 6ft); f) with laser sighting; g) with protective boot; and h) holster included.

Since it is created to solve usual temperature measurement problems, Raytek infrared thermometers’ powerful feature is its single dot laser sighting that also assist the user as it points on its aim. Also, the Raytek mini temp thermometer is used to solve automotive problems like identifying engine misfires and help asses if A/C performance is good. It also verifies how the catalytic converter functions and is also accurate in spotting faults in the cooling system of engines. This thermometer is also portable and its laser point sighting help directs measurements to its target, with a backlit monitor that simultaneously show both maximum and current readings. With its durability due to its protective boot, this is surely a must have tool for automotive troubleshooting.

Raytek mini temp thermometers are also long-lasting and user-friendly. To use it during automotive diagnosis and troubleshooting, simply aim the thermometer towards the direction where readings are needed and hold down its trigger. In a matter of seconds, a reading will appear that will display both current and maximum temperature readings.

The MT6 model has a scanning function that displays the highest temperature of a specified area. And it is never too hard to use with its rubberized grip handle and can be taken anywhere in its storage pouch that comes with the tool upon purchase. This tool can also help save money since it can also perform other functions. It can be an alternative kitchen tool for getting accurate temperature readings of baking trays and skillets and it can also detect areas in your house where air is escaping. By using the thermometer in such areas where air could penetrate like doors, windows, and even in the attic, it can surely help lower your energy bill. Because of these innovative features, the Raytek MT6 mini temp infrared thermometer is indeed a go-to-tool when accurate temperature reading is needed.