See Where I Find Vintage, Classic and Antique Cars

See Where I Find Vintage, Classic and Antique Cars

While speaking with a pilot a few months ago, I discovered a new way to search those original car parts or even complete cars you might be looking for. This pilot worked as among the local medical transport and rescue services. In this capability, he piloted across dozens of inaccessible areas. He told me about numerous things that he was keeping an eye on. But, he didn’t give me real good details of where things were that he required for himself.

Among the things he accounted was an area full of age-old automobiles including Model T’s and Model A’s. He said it wasn’t even close to a road, so you’d not catch it except from the air. He had numerous other pleasing cars spotted as well.

So I thought to myself why not begin asking small aeroplane pilots about the exciting cars that they’ve seen from the air? You could ask people like the pilot I was speaking to. But likewise crop-duster, flight teachers and flying clubs would be good resources. These folks have a large number of flying hours and have been all across the country.

What I’d do is head out for the closest village with an airport and begin enquiring. You’re bound to discover a few good leads.

Give it a whirl and let me know if you discover anything good.

Another option to find these classic and vintage cars is to go to auctions. I suggest online auctions because you can access it anywhere without any barrier. I personally found many decent antique car parts using this method. Just do a quick search on Google and you will find many auctions like this.