The 1970 Shelby Mustang and Mustang Parts

1970 was the last year for the old Shelby Mustang. It isn’t commonly known that really no 1970 Mustangs were really ever sued by Shelby in that year. All the cars produced were really 1969 Mustang fitted with the classic Shelby make over. Even some of the cars that were already on Dealer’s lots were updated to become 1970 Models. Under Shelby’s strict supervision of course. The major changes from the 69 Shelby Mustang to the 70 Shelby was the addition of a black chin spoiler and black stripes on the hood.

I don’t think they would have much luck doing this today but in some cases even the VIN number on the car was changed from the first number being a 9 (for 69) to the first number being a 0 (for 70). Any way you cut it, the 1970 Shelby Mustang was a beautiful car. Really, one of the most iconic cars of all time. I’ll never forget at 11 years old seeing the brand new Shelby sitting in front of the local gas station in the small town where my grandparents lived. It was a red convertible. It was sitting right on the street with hundreds of cars zooming by every day. I don’t think you would likely see one just sitting in the street now. It is great to see these cars live on most with great care (and value).

From a Mustang Parts stand point in 2010, a US company started reproducing the 5 star wheels for the 69 and 70 Shelby. I have had the pleasure of seeing these wheels and selling a few too. They are and absolutely stunning reproduction. We have the available on our website.