Thunderbird Classic Cars

What’s better than cruising with your very best girl on a Saturday night? Cruising in a Ford Thunderbird classic car, that’s what. T-Birds first appeared in 1955, (the same year Disneyland opened its doors), and they have been going strong ever since. Those first Thunderbirds were small, classically designed sports cars that oozed style and speed at the same time.

Thunderbird classic cars underwent an evolution after they first appeared in 1955. First designed as two-seaters, a four-door appeared in the late 1960s, and in 1958, the ultra-classic convertible first appeared, leading the car to its’ classic status almost overnight.

The Ford T-Bird came in a variety of colors, from pristine white (remember “American Graffiti?”) to classic and eye-popping candy-apple red. They seem to represent the 1950s, an age of innocence and youth that is long gone but certainly not forgotten.

How can you collect Thunderbird classic cars? Well, there are several places to start:

o Your local classified pages. A long shot, to be sure, but you may find the car of your dreams right in your own back yard.
o Local car auctions. Again, these classic beauties are hard to find, but at the right car auction, one might turn up.
o Vintage car auctions. Your odds get better at these auctions that pop up around the country and specialize is antique and vintage cars like Thunderbirds, and the cars are often in mint condition at these auctions, too.
o Online. You can check auction sites like eBay, sales sights like Craigslist, or Internet sales sites to find the Thunderbird of your dreams. Often, these cars are ready to be restored to their former glory, so you might be able to find some bargains here.
o Car clubs. Is there a local Ford or T-Bird club in your area? Join it. You may find one of the members is selling their car, and you’ll learn more about how to restore and enjoy your T-Bird once you find one to buy.

What makes these cars so classic? Well, it could be the 1950s retro styling, with fins, porthole windows, and their sporty look, or it could be that many people remember them from when they were young. They were the “cool” cars then, and some things never change, Thunderbird classic cars are still cool today, so cool that Ford has brought back an updated version for the 21st century.

Did you know Thunderbird classic cars were named for a mythological Native American bird, and they can be categorized into eras of style and development? Here they are:

o 1955-1957. This generation is known as the “Classic Birds,” “Little Birds,” or “Early Birds,” according to who you ask.
o 1958-1960. These are the “Square Birds,” and include the introduction of the convertible.
o 1961-1963. Here come the “Bullet Birds,” styled after a sleek, speedy bullet.
o 1964-1966. These are the “Flair Birds,” designed with more flair and less speed..
o 1967-1969. Known as the “Glamour Birds,” these models may be easier to find that the earliest models, and became more luxurious. The convertible disappeared with this model, but four doors appeared.