Vacuum Trucks Can Handle Precise Excavation Needs!

Hydro-excavators are vacuum trucks that are used to dig holes and trenches; they have become a valuable asset in the construction industry by providing precision service where other excavation means are just not as suitable. With properly trained operators, hydro-excavation trucks can handle the more delicate jobs such as potholing and digging trenches in an area that has underground utilities or other such things that could be severely damaged by the work of more conventional machines used for such a digging task. With their unique capabilities, these vehicles have greatly increased productivity and job safety which has made hydro-excavation not only the top digging method of choice but also a lucrative business opportunity in the construction industry.


Potholing by its very nature is a difficult job that is notorious for being the cause of costly mistakes such as cut cables and broken underground pipes. Digging for deep sewer lines can become big trouble as well if the job is done with other heavy machinery, even if the task is partially finished by hand. These examples are the two main uses for hydro-excavation with a vacuum truck. Projects such as these often imply that one wrong move can spell job site disaster. Using pressurized water to dig while being able to vacuum up the debris that is forced loose not only keeps the job site safer, it keeps it cleaner and typically enables operators to work faster as well. Trenching and hole digging, even to considerable depths that would be difficult for other equipment to reach, ends up being easier and quicker with a vacuum truck and has become the most preferred method of digging for this type of job need.

Excavation Benefits with Vacuum Trucks

While those operating hydro-excavation trucks are well aware of the time savings and safety provided by these vehicles, other workers who have not used them have not experienced their usefulness first hand. Construction companies that use vacuum trucks for the first time are frequently amazed at the speed and exactness in which trenching and potholing jobs can be completed, saving a great deal of time and money. Larger companies can always consider purchasing hydro-excavators; even smaller companies that need to rent this vehicle will discover that the higher monetary cost to rent is dramatically better than attempting to do the same job with more conventional equipment that is often slower and more accident prone. As with any construction job, time wasted and any mistakes that delay completion equates to lost money. Savings in time and job completion created by using a more efficient process means higher profitability and improved safety records.

Efficiency Benefits with Vacuum Trucks

By providing so many useful benefits and increasing the safety standards of construction jobs that have the potential to be so time consuming and costly in many ways, hydro-excavating has earned a great reputation in construction work and increased the desire of many companies to purchase one of these heavy-duty vehicles. Owners of vacuum trucks who ensure that operators are expertly trained will most likely face a busier schedule since the demand for this service is quickly increasing while the job completion time has been decreased due to the vehicle’s high work efficiency. As more and more construction companies realize the many benefits of this unique and useful vehicle as well as how much help can be provided to complete projects in record time, the purchase of hydro-vacuum trucks will greatly increase to provide such services.

So before assuming that the only thing a vacuum truck can do is clean out septic systems, it might be wise to stop and think about how hydro-excavation can work for a company in other ways. These specially equipped vacuum trucks are hydro powerhouses that can perform some of the most difficult and time-consuming digging with unmatched speed and finesse!