Wrap Your Vehicle in Carbon Fiber Sheets

One of the hottest looks for vehicles today is carbon fiber. This makes the vehicle looks as though it has a three dimensional and tough outer coating which is more durable than other materials that are used on vehicles. One of the problems with real carbon fiber is that it is very expensive and difficult to install. There is a solution that can give your vehicle the same look but without the high cost. It is possible to wrap your vehicle in vinyl sheets instead.

See below for some of the benefit to using carbon fiber sheets to wrap your vehicle:

  • Easy to Apply – When it comes to these fiber sheets of vinyl, installation is very easy. You only need a few tools and they can be found at any sign or graphic supply store at a fraction of the cost that would be spent on tool for carbon fiber installation. It can be cut on your plotter to fit all of the sections on the vehicle to do a complete or partial wrap. In most cases, you use a wet application to install the vinyl. This allows for the material to be moved until it is in the desired or correct position before it is attached to the vehicle body. Simply squeegee out the installation fluid and when the vinyl dries, it is completed and can be layered.
  • Layering of Colors – With carbon fiber sheets, they are much thinner than real fiber so many layers can be used to create unique looks for your vehicle. These sheets come in different colors so it is possible to use it to advertise your company or to create a design or graphic out of it. You can use your plotter in the same way that you would cut any other type of vinyl. Of course the top layers would need to be applied using a wet application but they stay put just as well as if they were applied to the actual body of the vehicle.
  • Ease of Removal – If there ever comes a time when you decide that you no longer want the look of carbon fiber on your vehicle, you can easily remove it using the same techniques that are used to remove any other type of vinyl. The best part is that it does not harm the vehicle’s original finish or paint job. All you need to do is score the vinyl and use a removal fluid and then carefully peel off the carbon fiber vinyl sheets.

For those who want the look of carbon fiber but who cannot afford it for their vehicle, carbon fiber sheets are the best alternative. It is easy to install and can be cut on any plotter to the size that is needed. Layering of colors is possible and up to three layers does not look bulky or overworked. When you want to remove it, it comes off the vehicle easily and does damage the existing paint job.