Cool Car Colors

A car color can give you a lot of insight into the driver and his or her personality. Here are a few cool car colors.

Black – If you want to be taken seriously then a black car is the way to go. It’s a somber color but most important officials such as politicians and business tycoons tend be chauffeured in black luxury cars. If you look young for your age and want to be taken seriously, black may be a good color choice for you. This color commands respect while still blending in with the crowd.

Pink – Pink is a very girly color and chances are that the owner of any pink car is most likely a female. Chances are that the car is mostly custom painted since pink is generally not a car that most auto brands have in stock. Drivers of pink cars can be funky, spontaneous and lots of fun. Someone with a pink car probably thinks of herself as a princess and probably tends to be on the high maintenance side.

Silver – It’s one of the most popular car colors in the world. Silver is an easygoing color that isn’t jarring. It looks particularly good on convertibles, coupes and sports cars. There are different hues of silver, such as light silver and metallic silver which can be very edgy and rather sexy on the right car.

Red – Red is the color of fire and passion. Drivers of red cars love and crave attention and they sure get it. The color red is particularly favored on sports cars like the Toyota Supra or Corvette. However, red cars do stand out on the road. This can be a good thing most of the time except when you’ve caught the eye of law enforcement.

Green – Green cars can mean different things depending on the shade of green. A darker green car means that the owner is generally conservative and likes to play it safe. However, a shade of bright neon green conveys an attitude of a young and carefree driver,

Blue – Drivers of blue cars tend to be rather traditional and practical. They are no-fuss kind of people who don’t want any frills. This color can look very striking on classic American cars and classic muscle cars.

The most popular colors for vehicles in the United States are white, silver and black. So give the color options some thought the next time you buy a car. Your vehicle color may say a lot more about you than you realize!