Industrial Applications of Gears

Gears are now used for a wide range of industrial applications. There are gears weighing from 15grams to 15 tons. Lots of industries use gears for transmitting power or rotational force from one component to another. Gears have varied application starting from textile looms to aviation industries. Undoubtedly the demand for gears in industries is estimated at a whopping 125 billion dollars worldwide.

Cement plants use girth gears for crushing raw materials. These girth gears have high strength and highly durable that they can be used in any operating environment. For rotating equipments in the cement industry power transmission is essential and that is provided by various open gear drives. Other types of gears which are used in cement industries are reduction gears, pinions, Sprockets, pinion shafts and helical gears.

Coal plants also most commonly use girth gears in their mining equipments. Heavy gearboxes are also being used in heavy machineries. There are two basic gearing principles which are:
– Craggy reliable gearing
– Worm gearing

These are used in many mining machines such special cutting machines, axle for forming tunnels for locomotives, etc. Gears are also used in compressors, cages, trolleys and diesel locomotives that are used for coal mining.

Medical industry uses gears in a huge way. They are being used in the surgical tables, patient beds, gear pumps for medical dosing applications, and also in medical diagnostic machine.

Micro assembly uses micro gears which enable us to have miniature components built with a very compact size. Use of micro gears is really advantageous as they provide zero backlash, long operating life, withstand extreme environmental conditions, higher efficiency and excellent repeatability.

Gears are widely used in Railway industry in different applications. For bringing about railway safety and railway signaling, different varieties of specialized gear drives have been developed. Buchli-drive, Quill Motor Drive are some such drives developed.

Apart from there gears are have also shown their mark in the steel industries and construction machinery. Planetary gearboxes, reduction gearboxes and pinion gearboxes, worm gears, bevel gears and spur gears are commonly used in steel industries. Gears are used for loaders, lifters, excavators and all such machines that are used for construction.