Jaguar XJS Shows Sportsmanship

Famous for its luxury saloon vehicles and sports cars as well, the Jaguar brand is yet another vehicle manufacturer that keeps its aficionados and followers looking forward to the next creation that it would release on the roads and streets. Jaguar Cars is a vehicle manufacturer from Britain and with its vehicles that it has manufactured, it has kept a wide range of competitors that include brands like the BMW, the Mercedes Benz, the Porsche, the Cadillac, the Lexus, the Infiniti, and also the Lincoln.

One of the vehicles that is running under this brand is the Jaguar XJS. This is a luxury coupe and it has replaced the famous and world renowned Jaguar E Type. This was done on September of 1975. The Jaguar XJS was actually based on the Jaguar XJ saloon. It is not as sporty as most of the vehicles under the Jaguar brand. However, it still is a grand tourer and is also aerodynamic. During the development of this luxury, it was actually dubbed as the XK-F. The last of its kind was produced on April 4, 1996. In its place came the Jaguar XK8.

Upon its introduction the Jaguar XJS was equipped with a V12 engine. Along with that, the owner of the Jaguar XJS had a choice between a manual transmission or an automatic transmission although soon enough the manual option was deleted off the list of options. With this kind of machine, the Jaguar XJS is capable of reaching 60 mph in 6.9 seconds and can accelerate to 150 mph. It has been said that the Jaguar XJS has a revolutionary aluminum construction with space age technology. However, despite that fact, it still has been able to retain the elegant lines that has made Jaguar vehicles that popular.

This vehicle went into a very quick ascent to popularity when there was a television series that came up needing a vehicle. The television series was the popular “Return of the Saint”. In this series, the hero, Simon Templar who was being played by Ian Ogilvy, drives an early Jaguar XJS with the number plate ‘ST 1’. And it was during this time that miniature versions of the Jaguar XJS were crafted. These sold like hotcakes.