Mercedes Benz AMG Logo

The Mercedes Benz logo is a symbol that began in 1909 with the merger of two companies. Those companies were Benz and Cie and the DMG companies that produced automobiles at the turn of the century. When WWI became a reality in Europe the two companies joined forces to create Mercedes Benz.

The three pointed symbol has been designed to represent power over the land, the air and the sea. This may be the spiritual way of looking at the logo, but nowadays Mercedes Benz owners probably do not look at the logo in that way. To them, the Mercedes Benz AMG logo is a symbol of reliability, speed and quality of workmanship.

The AMG logo simply features the letters AMG which stands for Aufrecht Melcher Grossapach. These letters represent the names of the Mercedes Benz AMG inventors as well as the first initial of the birthplace of the AMG motor.

You will not find the AMG logo without the traditional three pointed Mercedes Benz logo, since the two represent a partnership to create the fastest, best car on the market. It was through striving for this goal, that the AMG motor was developed for race car drivers and to bring the public a car that currently reaches over 150 miles per hour.

Although the official name of Mercedes Benz did not become a part of the company until later the symbol has been an integral part of the Mercedes Benz Company since its conception in 1909. The Mercedes Benz name and the signature wreath of laurel became a traditional part of this motor corporation in 1926.

The AMG logo also represents a car that you can depend on. Once you have purchased your own Mercedes Benz you will know what you have been missing through all the years of driving other automobiles. In a Mercedes Benz you look a part that you do not in other cars.

Today’s the three point logo is especially important on the race track. Many race car drivers choose the Mercedes Benz AMG logo for their own car so you know you will have a quality car. All the time that Mercedes Benz AMG are designing and racing cars, means that the technology breakthroughs can be used on their cars destined for the domestic market. Which means that we all end up with a finer product.