Tennant Floor Equipment – T5 Auto Scrubber

In recent years there have been many advancements in auto scrubber technologies. The one major advancement is the use of electrically converting water into a cleaning solution. One of the pioneering companies to do this is Tennant. With Tennants EC H2O technology there is no need to use harsh chemicals or detergents making this a greener approach to cleaning. An auto scrubber uses suction and rotating discs to lay a cleaning solution down on the floor, scrub it and then retrieve the solution. There are many companies in the world that produce auto scrubbers the most popular being Tornado, Nobles, Tennant and NSS. Tennant have taken a different approach to cleaning by constantly advancing the technologies that they use within their auto scrubber units. The most advanced of Tennants auto scrubber line is the T5.

The T5 is a scrubber beyond it’s time. The revolutionary features that the T5 is equipped with have taken cleaning floors to a new standard. The T5 is made up of five major parts, these include the scrubbing system, self drive system, water recovery system, EC H2O system and intuitive controls.

The Tennant T5 auto scrubber can be equipped with either a disk or cylindrical cleaning system. The disc system utilizes two pad holders or brushes which spin and agitate the cleaning solution on the floor, older types of auto scrubbers use this type of system. Pad drivers can be used to hold standard floor pads which can be easily changed out to fit the type of floor that is being cleaned. Brushes can also be interchanged with these pad drivers for more effective cleaning on tile and uneven surfaces. A cylindrical disc system is also available which works like a beater bar system on a conventional vacuum cleaner. The cylindrical brushes are more expensive to replace than the traditional disc brushes and pad holders but work better on rough or uneven floors. These cylindrical brushes are also more time-consuming to switch out or replace.

The propulsion system on the T5 uses a 24 Volt system that is powered by four 6 Volt batteries. At maximum speed the T5 can achieve 2.5 mph scrubbing and 2.7 mph for transporting. Self propulsion units on auto scrubbers are a nice feature when used in environments with inclines or excessive open flooring.

As a floor equipment manufacturer Tennant has gone above and beyond by developing a cleaning machine that recovers almost 100{5bcf94f82cf8a36c68cc47ffe9901d68a1fd5f59c7fabc3b2930ea6a270efa8e} of all the solution it puts down for cleaning. The T5 does this with a revolutionary new floor squeegee system the trails behind machine. The two major advantages to this new squeegee technology is that the floors dry quicker and it also helps reduce slips and falls for the operator and other people in the immediate area. This auto scrubbing floor machine also has rubber skirts around the front of the unit to prevent water splash out when cleaning. This unit uses a tool free squeegee system that makes the squeegee easy to work on and remove from the machine. The floor squeegee comes ready adjusted from Tennants factory.

The Tennant DCO H2O system uses electrically charged water as a cleaning solution instead of detergents and cleaners, this revolutionary approach to cleaning is better for the environment and does a thorough job at removing grease and sanitizing the floor. This system also saves the user money and time by not having to mix chemicals to fill the machine. The Tennant T5 also uses a fast foam scrubbing technology that uses chemicals but also uses 70{5bcf94f82cf8a36c68cc47ffe9901d68a1fd5f59c7fabc3b2930ea6a270efa8e} last water than comparable units from other floor equipment manufacturers.

The user controls on the T5 auto scrubber are easy to use and comfortable for prolonged use of this floor machine. The handles are ergonomically designed so that the machine can be used even in the largest building. This floor machine also comes with an onboard battery charger so that the machine can be charged at any 120 volt outlet. The top of the machine is easily removed to expose the tank for easy cleaning and maintenance cutting down on machine clean up time.

Overall the Tennant T5 floor machine is an extremely easy and versatile machine and is an asset to any commercial cleaning company. This unit is on the pricier side but for a machine that will last 10 to 15 years it is a worthwhile investment. When it comes to maintenance and repair Tennant parts are easy to find through an online Tennant parts store or local dealer and service center. This machine is revolutionary when compared to other large floor equipment manufacturers such as Mastercraft, Viper, NSS and Windsor.