Using E-Track in a Race Car Trailer

Racers, both amateur and professional, know that it is important to transport their cars in a safe and secure trailer both to and from the track.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to incorporate the use of e-track hardware throughout the trailer. Serious racers have long since known about the benefits and uses of this versatile form of securement.

E-track is a long steel track with a continuous set of recessed notches that allow various e-track specific holdowns and hooks to be attached. It can be used in small areas of the trailer or it can run the entire length along the floor or walls. It is even available in vertical mount.

Perhaps the most common use is along the floor of the trailer where the racecar’s wheels track. The racecar is securely attached to the floor of the trailer by using a wheel net on each tire that is connected to the etrack.

One other common use is to stabilize bulky items along the walls of the trailer. Since items like tires, welding gases, compressors, and large parts don’t fit in cabinets and are prone to becoming loose, e-track on the walls allows for ratchet straps and tie downs to securely immobilize the items and to allow for more floor space.

One other great thing about etrack is its versatility. There is a huge variety of products available on the market that are specifically designed for use with e-track. Racers find that ratchet straps, tie downs, wheel nets and cargo bar are very useful when transporting a car and all of its necessary components to and from the tracks.

Racers that have incorporated etrack in their trailers know that if the car is secure and stable they have one less thing to worry about on raceday.