MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust: It’s All About Quality, Power and Sound

MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust: it’s all about quality, power and sound. That’s actually the MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust slogan as well as their philosophy. Their products bring power to your truck, SUV or American muscle car in a way that no other brand can match. Just look at who their spokesperson is: Mario Andretti! In fact, MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust products are used by all the big names in the business:

  • Marco Andretti
  • Boyd Coddington
  • Chip Foose
  • Casey Currie
  • “Big Daddy” Don Garlits
  • Jeremy McGrath

Let’s take a look at some of MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust’s products… see for yourself why this brand offers some of the best performing exhaust systems in the world.

MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Systems

MagnaFlow makes total exhaust systems for your gas or diesel trucks, American muscle cars, or Euro/sport compact cars. They’re built to exacting standards, tough enough to survive the roughest off-roading conditions in Baja. Their components are 100{5bcf94f82cf8a36c68cc47ffe9901d68a1fd5f59c7fabc3b2930ea6a270efa8e} stainless steel and they come with a lifetime warranty. Drivers love the smooth, rich tones of MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust systems, too.

MagnaFlow Catalytic Converters

With environmental standards now in place the world of performance exhaust systems has changed over the decades. MagnaFlow continues its commitment to excellence with its line of approved catalytic converters for any situation. All their New York State catalytic converters are CARB compliant and/or EPA compliant, as needed. All their California State catalytic converters are also CARB compliant and produced with Executive Orders from the California Air Resource Board in mind. Find catalytic converters for 49 states plus Canada, that install with a direct-fit system… or choose Universal catalytic converters.

MagnaFlow Mufflers

The bodies of Magnaflow Mufflers are composed of very heavy gauge, high-strength stainless steel. These will last a long time! The body is wrapped with acoustical suppression material, which does a superb job of absorbing sound. The entire muffler is designed around the principle of high-heat resistance. The stainless steel mesh holds up under the highest of temperatures and also helps to absorb sound. You’ll love that the mufflers are bi-directional, too. The welding on these mufflers also contributes to the long life: it’s called lap-joint welding and is far superior to other types used on other brands of mufflers. Construction is solid!

The core of the muffler is all one piece: that means it will last a long time, which stands to reason because MagnaFlow mufflers come with a lifetime warranty!

MagnaFlow Stainless Steel Tips

Don’t forget your muffler tips! That’s so even when parked, your vehicle emits authority and power. Let people know this baby is going to purr when you start it up. They’re made of polished stainless steel that will shine for years… five times longer than chrome tips. Choose from single, dual, large, clamp-on or chrome plated tips.

MagnaFlow: The Company

All MagnaFlow products come with a lifetime warranty against defects. Since its founding in 1981, they’ve produced some of the performance car industry’s best exhaust systems, used by car racers and everyday drivers alike. Over 30 years experience of design, development and testing has made MagnaFlow one of the best in the business.