Racing Go Karts

Racing go karts for the first time can be thrilling and exciting. Even if it’s just a 4 stroke rent kart. Because of their low ride height and sharp steering it can make you feel like you’re going 160 kmh! Which obviously isn’t the case, but it really makes you feel like you’re driving a race car like a professional driver.

Usually these 4 stroke engined karts are not the fastest to go around the track. For the real speed devils among us the 2 stroke engined go karts are highly recommended. They accelerate a lot faster and can reach top speeds up to 130 kmh for the automatic 2 stroke 125cc karts. Shifter karts are for the more experienced drivers and they can reach 150 kmh and higher.

But if you’ve never driven a kart before then you’d better try the rent karts first as they will go around 70 to 90 kmh, usually a bit slower. Still, they are a lot of fun.

When you’re hungry for more and you’re willing to spend a couple of hundred dollars for a second hand go kart, go for it. But before you buy one, you also would need headgear, a karting suit, racing shoes, racing gloves and of course, tools. You also need a way of transporting your kart to the nearest go kart track. Don’t go racing karts on the public roads, because it’s both dangerous and illegal.

When you just like racing go karts with your friends for fun and don’t want to spend too much money, just rent a kart once in a while. Sometimes there’s a possibility that you can rent a 2 stroke 125cc go kart, but usually those are not very good and a waste of your money.

You can always go to your local go kart dealer and ask for advice. They’re always willing to help. You’re never alone, even if it’s an individual sport.